Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8 Reasons Why Octopi Avoid Spaghetti Like the Plague

We all know octopi try to avoid spaghetti whenever possible- but why? In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at some of the reasons.

    1. In ancient times, it was believed by many that spaghetti was a malevolent spirit sent from the underworld sent to wreak havoc on poor unsuspecting souls, and to wreak deliciousness on their taste buds. It is believed that the leader of the octopuses left the water to fight the spaghetti and save the earth, but to defeat the spaghetti, he had to sacrifice himself. After their epic battle, both spaghetti and the king of the octopi lay vanquished. In mourning for their king, they swore to get revenge.
While this is just a rumor, it would explain Many things. But a more likely reason is....

     2.  Spaghetti is a deadly poison to octopi.
 While The first one was a rumor, this is an actual fact. In 1978, a scientist named Larrence Q Lerrison was doing experiments on squids' and octopi's favorite foods, and he discovered while the squids' 3rd favorite food on average was spaghetti, octopi would become hostile the moment they saw spaghetti. Upon further investigation, he found if he blindfolded the octopi, they would eat spaghetti. But, unfortunately every octopus he fed spaghetti to died within an hour. After many hours of research, he found that a certain key ingredient in the tomato sauce caused a severe allergic reaction in octopi.

Another reason they avoid spaghetti like the plague is...

3. They see spaghetti as an enemy. Think about it... You're in the water one day, minding your own business, at a octopus bank or something, and suddenly... A CREATURE WITH HUNDREDS OF FLAILING TENTACLES COMES FLYING AT YOU!  That's enough reason.


8. In the water, the spaghetti noodles can wrap around an octopus and strangle it. While some say this is heredity fear, it's more likely that octopus mothers tell their little octopus babies horror stories about "how the spaghetti killed uncle Oswald."

Anyway, that's 8 reasons why octopi avoid spaghetti like the plaugue. Oh, and if 5-7 didn't show up, that's because Skymall probably paid Google in massage boots to remove them.

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