Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Freestyle blog post

Aight, yo, I'm doing a blog post like a freestyle rap, after this is over ima take a nap, maybe I'll dream about some bubble wrap. Anyway, at the YMLC, some guy came and started talking to me, he said "yo, man, update ya blog!" I said, "aight man, my homeskillet, my home-dawg", so here I am updating my blog. Ooh, I just rhymed "blog" with "dawg" with "blog", dawg!

But seriously, I haven't updated in forever. I'm just completely ditching the webcomic thing. Instead, I'll be doing a normal style blog. Webcomics is work. I'm too lazy. But a blog takes almost no effort. So, expect at least weekly updates. (I'll probably be a procrastinator about that too.)
Anyway, I have this friend, who's always using similes. He's like, annoying. (that was a joke. I don't have friends.)

Spaghetti, master chef.

PS. Shoutout to the 'Sip!

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