Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Tale of the Goat Named Haggis, pt. 2 of 37

When we left off last time, Haggis had escaped from Slipknot, and he realized he could  become a rapper. He travelled the country far and wide, near and thin, in search of someone who appreciated his rapping skill. But he found no one. One day, he went to Nashville. He saw a man with a handle bar mustache. "That extremely white man with a handle bar mustache looks like he would appreciate my rapping talents!" he said. So haggis went up to him and rapped his best rap, he was letting loose impeccable rhyming with impeccable timing, and the man stared, amazed. "This is one white man with a handlebar mustache that appreciates your rapping talents! But alas, I must be on my way. I have an important interview at the toothpaste cap factory. I'm afraid it won't go very well, for you see, i am not very verbose. If only I was an eloquent speaker as you, sir goat!" The goat agreed that this indeed was a misfortune. But then a thought came to him: perhaps if he could be the man's spokesgoat, he could be useful to the man, and perhaps the man could pay him back with toothpaste caps. When Haggis thought of this, he said to the man "Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!" which means "perhaps I could be your spokesgoat, i could be useful to you, and you could pay me back with toothpaste caps!" The man thought this was a wonderful idea. "I think this is a wonderful idea!" the white man with a handlebar mustache said, thinking that this was a wonderful idea. So they made their way to the toothpaste factory.


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