Sunday, September 18, 2011

Horror Story

Once, there was a little girl named Tracyn. She was an extraordinary girl. Well, not extraordinary. Pretty normal, actually. In fact, she was so normal, she was often called "Normal Tracyn", because her friends were not very imaginative with nicknames. Normally, she went to school, and she had normal conversations with her normal friends, but none of them were as normal as her. These normal conversions were often made up of words, many of which, when transcribed, would be made up of letters. On a normal day at Normalville Junior High School High, she would have normal classes, then go and have a normal lunch. This was one such day. "I think i'll go to lunch," said Tracyn, one day as she was going to lunch, heading to the lunchroom, which is where people often go after they have such thoughts as "I think i'll go to lunch", to go to lunch. She walked to the food serving... thing... line... (I didn't go to public school, i don't know what you call it). anyway, she went to get food. She walked up to the first tray of food. "Hmm, I don't think I'll have spaghetti for lunch today", said Tracyn as she looked at the spaghetti thinking "I don't think I'll have spaghetti for lunch today". She walked to the next tray. "Hmm, i don't think i want huitlacoche for lunch today". She walked to the next tray "Hmm, I don't think I want Ralph's potted meat for lunch today." Then the fateful moment happened: she walked to the next tray, filled with baked beans. She looked at them. They looked at her. She briefly wondered how they were looking back at her, but then she realized the author wasn't necessarily being literal (Although in this case he was), But by this time she realized she had broken the fourth wall, and had made the story less believable, although it wasn't that believable to begin with, although nothing out of the ordinary has happened yet. ANYWAY. She got a heaping helping of these baked beans. From this moment onward, something sparked in her, a lifelong passion for baked beans... And murder. 
               This story will continue next time, and probably finish next time as well. 
      Master Chef

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