Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vice Prez debate: 11 October 2012.

       Tonight's debate was good. My favorite part was a tie between Biden's ridiculous laughing ( and Ryan's burn of Joe Biden. "I think you would know better than most people words don't always come out of our mouths like we mean them." Paraphrasing, of course. I can't remember what he actually said.
       But more than this debate, I'm looking forward to next week's legendary traditional "yo mama" jokes debate. This was a tradition started in the era of the great election between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, though most people falsely believe it started with the election between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. The Yo Mama joke debate was so heated, physical violence ensued and both Jefferson's and Hamilton's mothers had to attend counselling sessions. Since then, it has been a highly respected and anticipated debate. Next week's jokes are kept a top secret, and it is even rumored some of them will be free styled, an interesting move from both Obama and Romney. Experts have anticipated that these jokes will be used:
Romney: "Obama, yo mama so fat she makes the national debt look small!"
Obama: "Yo mama so ugly, uh, Joe Biden couldn't stop laughing at her during last week's, uh, debate!"
             Obama has revealed his jokes are being written by comedic genius Darrell Bluett, while Romney has made the unprecedented move of having his VP, Paul Ryan, write half the jokes, and an even more unprecedented move of having Joe Biden write the other half.

        Yes, ladies and gentlemen, next week will prove to be quite interesting. And remember, vote, vote, vote!*

*The phrase "vote, vote, vote!" is meant simply as you really, really should vote, however, if you are a Democrat, chances are you've taken it literally.

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