Monday, November 19, 2012

On "the Self."

Throughout my short life, I have found humans to be fascinating. Disgusting at times, yes; repulsive, yes; but what makes them interesting is their choice to be the way they are. A conscious decision? Not always, in fact, rarely. But life is made up of little moments, each one a choice. Each choice results in some sort of outcome, each outcome affecting who you are. You cannot simply "Be yourself" because "yourself" is something constantly being created. You are not born a self, but rather, the self is being invented each moment you live and is constantly under construction until the moment you die. Once you have died (and even before then to an extent, but exclusively afterwards) the Self you have created is left in other people's minds. Not wholly, not completely, perhaps not accurately, but it is a reflection of the Self you have created being seen through the mirror of the Self they have created. Each little choice, every judgment, everything you think and the way you react to stimuli comes from decisions you have made in the past, and can affect the decisions you make in the future. But one thing that baffles me, and I believe always will, is the choices and decisions that could cause someone to like Nickelback.

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