Monday, December 26, 2011

God is good... All the time.

     This summer at Leadership Camp 2011, we had several people give talks about mission work in foreign places. One of those places was Sierra Leone, a west African country. Sierra Leone is poverty stricken and filled with starvation and disease. Their economy is slowly improving, but it still has a long way to go. 
     In the Bible studies held in Sierra Leone, the preacher will often say this phrase: "God is good" and the congregation will say back "All the time." 
      This is particularly inspiring when you realize how bad of a shape they are in. Many of them have to go days without eating, yet they still are thankful for what they have. How many of us are thank God for what we have here in America? 
     Not only do we have the necessities like food on the table, clean water, and a house, but we have $1,100 computers, $300 iPods, drawers and closets full of clothes, we have multiple cars, and so on. They don't have any of that, and they're still more thankful for what they have than we are for what we have. 
     But there are several ways you can help out Sierra Leone, and one of those ways is buying this shirt.

    They're only fifteen dollars ($5 for shipping $10 for the shirt, unless you live near enough that I don't have to ship it.) and all of the profit goes to Sierra Leone, to help buy food and other necessities. They will be for sale at Winter Camp this week for $10, or you can order one. Once again, all the profit goes to Sierra Leone, and you will be helping someone or several people who are in serious need. 
     Here is some more info on Sierra Leone.
     Donations are also welcome. 
     Comment on here if you are interested in leaving a donation or buying a shirt.

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