Friday, December 2, 2011

Notes from The Night.

Notes From The Night.
Last night, I woke up at 1:30 AM from a couple of hours restless sleep, tossing and turning. My mind was aglow, lit with incredible ideas, writing awesome music, creating clever and thought-provoking paintings. If you are like me, you always want more ideas and more things to create. But also, if you are like me, you don’t really want to get up at 1:30 in the morning and spend hours painting, especially if you have an English class in the morning at eight o’ clock. So I did what any rational human would do. I picked up my iPod lying on the night stand next to my bed and opened the Notes app, hoping to save my incredible ideas for later. However, when I woke up, it seemed little gnomes had unlocked my iPod and rewritten all the notes to make little/no sense. This will be a multi-part series. Anyway, here are my notes.
     1. “Reverse mullet.”
Yes, that’s all it says. However, while the casual reader might think this was the side effects of being half asleep and/or mental illness, I can see a definite possibility for a rocking new hairstyle.
2. “He’s a man- He’s the last piece of cake.” 
No comment. 

3.    “ :3 = I have a large cleft in my chin.”
This one actually has meaning. It’ll be a blog post on here next week, although it’ll be in context.
4.     “The two faced people laughing at the one faced. The back faces are secretly crying while the front faces are laughing. The ground is yellow”
This sounds like it could be deep… Probably not. It’s probably about crouton slavery, judging by the other notes I wrote last night. 
5.    “I was into Illinoise before Stevens was cool- I have a fixed gear because motors are for fools. Rimless are for chumps, I wear Ray-Ban glasses, I’m in art school- I take a lot of photography classes. I have a scruffy beard and a cool scarf, your mainstream fashion makes me want to barf. I really dig Jeff Mangum, I like the sound of him, I have a favorite band, but you’ve probably never heard of them.” 
So appearantly I was awake enough to write a poem about hipsters. Either that, or narcissistic homeless elderly people with a good taste in music and somehow are paying for art school.
Anyway, that does it for this installment of “Notes from the Night.” If you have a better title, please comment or post on our Facebook wall. It was the first thing I thought of, because it was notes… that I wrote in the night. So it made sense.
Master Chef.

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