Thursday, October 13, 2011

You probably thought this was a blogpost.

     NOPE! Just Chuck Testa.
Since the launch of the famous Chuck Testa commercial on the YouTube channel Ojaivalleytaxidermy, it has received over 19 Billion views (This is an approximation, however, a completely accurate one).  This controversial advertisement has many people talking. "Although I myself am not offended by this commercial, I feel it could deeply offend some minority groups," said one man. "I just feel it could be taken the wrong way by the large animal population watching the Internet." Many people claim it is a hoax or a scam. "All I know is that one week, I was offered a vast fortune by a prince in Nigeria, and the next this advertisement for Chuck Testa shows up in my inbox. Of course I knew the Nigerian prince e-mail was legit, because he said he was prepared to go into any agreement for percent compensation for the 20% of the sales and assistance. But this Chuck Testa thing seemed just, well, a tad fishy."
    A former interviewee for TFTB joins us again. He's quite an expert on the subject. Listen in on this exciting interview.

TFTB: So I hear you're quite an expert on the subject of Chuck Testa.
Baby: I'm a baby.
TFTB: I see. And how would you say this ad for Ojai Valley Taxidermy has affected you?
Baby: I'm a baby, and I was a baby, but now I'm a baby.
TFTB: Very interesting. Would you think Chuck Testa has profited— in a monetary way— from the viral spread of this ad?
Baby: You probably thought I was a baby.
TFTB: Yes, Actua-- Wait...
Baby: NOPE! Just Chuck Testa.
Baby/Chuck Testa: Would you be interested in a large sum of money from my Nigerian bank account?

    As you might guess, I was quite shocked at the outcome of this interview. So shocked, in fact, I didn't act on his extremely generous offer for his Nigerian fortune. Had I been in a proper state of mind, I would have immediately acted on the offer. Alas, the past cannot be changed, only retold in a way that isn't remotely true. On a side note, my grandfather invented cellophane tipped toothpicks.

Here's some Chuck Testa "Mimes," as he calls them.

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