Friday, August 3, 2012

Songs you Probably like and Reasons They're Terrible (Or, I'm an unrepentant and insufferable snob whose opinion is respected by no one.): Issue #1

This issue: "We are Young" by Fun.

First of all, this song is basically composed of one verse and a chorus. A vapid, useless, meaningless, overly repetitive chorus with poorly written lyrics and analogies that don't seem to be analogous to anything. The song reminds me of "Pumped Up Kicks" in a way, except that song is actually good, while this song has nothing to offer except an admittedly catchy tune. They're both upbeat songs that sound happy juxtaposed with depressing lyrics, though the lyrics to "We are Young" seem to be positive if you don't really look into it.
Buuuut they're not positive. Which is fine.

"she's waiting for me just across the bar
My seat's been taken by some sunglasses asking about a scar, and
I know I gave it to you months ago
I know you're trying to forget between the drinks and subtle things"

Tis a silly song.

There's only one good thing I've gotten from this song, and that is it's really fun to belt out 'TONIIIIIIIIGHT' at the top of your lungs when someone else is speaking.

 In closing, if you really, really like this song, and the lyrics have inspired you, then that's fine. Just know your taste in music is bad and you should feel bad.

Next week, another installment will be written and posted on here, even though I know you don't care about my clearly superior opinions.

     —  Master Chef.

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P.S.- Happy Esther Day. 

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